Thursday, February 10, 2011

Donating Plasma

Have any of you ever donated plasma before? I did it recently. It's kind of like getting paid to get a check up. It wasn't that bad. I've made a list of the pro's and con's for anyone that's interested:

$60 everytime (At least for the one I go to. Compensation varies per place)
You can go twice a week. So $120 a week means $480 a month. Which is rent on a small apartment
Compared to flipping burgers, I'd say it's the better choice.

LONG. And I mean LONG, waiting periods. Be prepared to free your day up.
The kind of people that you'll see there.
 Donating does take a toll physically on you.

Hopefully this will help anyone who's interested in donating or making some extra money on the side. Comments are appreciated. Thanks!


  1. I've donated blood before, and yeah, the waiting times are ridiculous, and there are more difficult ways to make 120 bucks I suppose.

  2. I was looking in to this yesterday actually. It looks quite interesting to me.