Tuesday, February 15, 2011


They exist. Where to find them? Joan Rivers. Wanna know why?

Joan on Christina Aguilera messing up the star spangled banner: "How stupid can you get?" "Christina must have been thinking about food, that's why she forgot the words." "O say can you see ... french fries." "She's gotten so big,"  "She looks like she could eat Lady Gaga. Great way to get rid of competition."

Really Joan? I mean I'm not saying Christina doesn't need to be mocked. She messed up one of the most often sang songs in America in front of a live audience. But you're going to make fun of her looks?

Is this?

Really gonna make fun of this for its looks?

Joan you look like a bad Muppets costume......from three years ago. I'd expect to find something like you in the bottom of a dog's bin of toys. Seriously?

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